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contrast paragraph

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A contrast paragraph labels the differences between two persons, places, or things. Once all of the iformation for the paragraph is obtained one must organize it in one of these two ways:


  • Option One: First present all of the points of one subject, and then contrast the points with all of the information about the other subject. This is a good way to organize the information of a short paragraph because the reader can readily recall the first points that are stated.


  • Option Two: Make a point about the first subject and then contrast it with a point from the other subject. Alternating between points. This is a good option for longer paragraphs because the reader does not have to search for the contrasted point.

Transition Expressions for Contrast

*although, whereas, but, however, conversely, on the other hand, in contrast, while, yet, unlike

Here are some examples of contrast paragraphs:


The Alcoholic Verses the Nonalcoholic

Alcoholism is a disease that the nonalcoholic has a hard time understanding, and the two lifestyles are quite different. The nonalcoholic has a lifestyle that involves family and friends. He enjoys going to family functions and interacting with his loved ones. In contrast, the alcoholic tries to avoid family functions unless alcohol is offered. Even then, the alcoholic is consumed with drinking rather than interacting with loved ones. If the nonalcoholic is lonely, he tends to seek out a family member or friend to talk to. He will find ways to fill the void of loneliness. However, when the alcoholic feels lonely, sad or angry, he turns to the alcohol to fulfill that void so he does not have to deal with his feelings. Disagreements with a nonalcoholic are often handled quite differently than with an alcoholic. As an example, a nonalcoholic may often walk away from an argument opting for a time to come back when both parties have had time to cool down. Because the disease of alcoholism has a detrimental effect on the judgment of the alcoholic, he may simply lash out relentlessly, not realizing his tactlessness and the hurt he is causing. Goals can be very different for the afflicted person. An unaffected person will set goals to ensure the basic necessities of life, whereas an alcoholic will orientate his goals to achieve a result that satisfies his needs for alcohol. To a nonalcoholic, family rates number one in his life. To the alcoholic, alcohol is number one in his life. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that alcohol is the single factor that consumes the life of an alcoholic.

~© 2005 Kim Ripley~

Singers and Sisters

Jessica Simpson and Ashley Simpson are both same in a sense that they are both famous singers and even sisters, yet they are quite different in many ways. Jessica was always sure what she wanted to do with her life and worked very hard whereas Ashley enjoyed what life had to offer her at the moment. Jessica was in voice lessons and started to sing Gospel music during her high school career. On the other hand, Ashley took dance classes and learned how to perform to Hip-hop music. Jessica is more well known as the air head sister. For example, they both did a breath mint commercial together, and it poked fun of Jessica’s blond moments by having Ashley point them out. Jessica is more “girly” of the sisters. She loves to wear dresses, high-heels, and has the blond bombshell look, unlike Ashley who has more of a punk style. Jessica Simpson’s music has more of a classical pop tone, while Ashley’s music has more of a pop-rock ring to it. Both of these girls are hard workers and both are very successful singers although they are very extraordinary in their own ways.

~© 2005 Fallon Fauque~

Tampa vs. Great Falls

Although Tampa and Great Falls are both American cities, there are differences in almost every aspect of living. The city of Tampa is in the southeastern United States. The weather in that part of the country is hot and humid almost all the time, so residents and tourists can enjoy the powdery white Gulf beaches year-round. There are also many theme parks and museums to experience. Tampa has great restaurants almost beyond counting. The restaurants range from five-star restaurants to walk-up counters. On the down side, there are aggressive panhandlers at every intersection. The traffic is a nightmare. There are many dangerous neighborhoods. The weather is also something to contend with; there are severe storms, tornados, floods, and hurricanes. There is also frequent and unexpected rudeness in strangers. In contrast, the city of Great Falls is in the northwestern United States. There are almost no aggressive panhandlers in Great Falls; they are certainly not at every intersection. There is little traffic in the city. The neighborhoods are generally safe, and almost everyone you meet is friendly and courteous. On the flip side, there are just a couple of good restaurants. There is no variety in the genre of restaurants. There is not much to offer locally in the way of theme parks or museums. However, the weather in Great Falls is generally agreeable. The summers are hot, dry, and windy. The winters are cold, snowy, and windy. Because of the variety in seasonal weather, there are many different types of outdoor activities to enjoy year-round. There is hiking, biking, swimming, and camping in the summer; in the winter there is skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing. Both cities have much to offer in different ways. I believe that Tampa is a great place to visit on vacation, but Great Falls is the better place to live and raise a family.

~© 2005 Kelly Cofske~

Telephone Service

Although VCI and Qwest have some similarities, they are also very different. VCI charges a $150 connection fee that you pay $25 the first time, and $10 a month addition to your regular phone bill for 1 year. They charge $15 a month for local service plus tax; in addition, they offer call waiting, three way calling, and caller Id. There is no long distance offered in this package. The bill would total anywhere from $35 to $45 a month. If your bill is late they charge an additional $10 for a late fee; on the other hand, Qwest offers no connection fee for service and free local calls for the first three months with no deposit, just for hooking up service with them. They charge $15 a month for local service + tax with voice mail, call waiting, and caller Id. They also offer unlimited long distance for $20 a month. They charge no late fees for late payments; however, with long distance the bill would total about $50 a month. Both VCI and Qwest offer necessary service to the public; However, their service rates are different.

~© 2005 Rubyee Brown~


Although my sister and I look alike, we have plenty of differences. My sister, Jessica, is thirteen years old, and she is in the eighth grade. She likes to be with a lot of people at once and always has somehting going on. She takes more of a relaxed attitude toward her schooling. Jess is into many sports, and is more of a tomboy than many other girls.She is definately not as sheltered as I was when I was a child. Also, although we are sisters our physical appearances are quite different also. Jesiica has more of a light complextion. On the other hand, I am eighteen years old, and a freshman in college. I love my quiet time, for example reading magazines, watching TV, or just taking a little nap. I like to have more one on one dates, whether it is friends or my boyfriend, instead of being in a group. I try to stay focused on school, doing all of my homework befpre anything else. I did not really like to play sports, but rather cheer for them. I was a cheerleader in high school. Although I am older than my sister, I am much more petite. My sister and i both have brown hair, although mine is curly. Jessica and I both have the same values, beleifs, and traditions.

~© 2005 Ashley Smith ~

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